Situsnya Guru Matematika

ATTENDING the APEC – Tsukuba International Conference VI: Innovation of Mathematics Education through Lesson Study – Challenging from Mathematics Education to Emergency Preparedness Education February 14 – 18, 2012. Tokyo & Tsukuba, Japan

SONY DSCSince 2006, 19 APEC member economies have been participating in the APEC-HRDWG Mathematics Lesson Study project proposed by Japan and Thailand. It has great influence on the establishment of Lesson Study Movements in other subjects such as Science and English as a second language.

Paper for Uni of Tsukuba Final

Shizumi – Mathematics

 Max Stephen – Mathematics

AOYAMA – Statistics

Matsubara – Velocity Gradient

Yuji Yagi – Earthquake

Masanobu SHISHIKURA – Geological Field  Survey

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