Situsnya Guru Matematika

Report on Conducting the Formasi (Forum Masyarakat Sinabung) Course for Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Hotel Grand Orri, Berastagi, Sumatera Utara, July 22 – 24, 2016

Today educators are confronted with the difficult task of educating young minds to meet the demands of an increasingly globalised world. Many countries face the challenge of preparing citizens who will be able to address and solve local, national and global problems in order to function equally well in these environments. The issues on today’s environmental problem are not local but on global scale which affect everyone no matter which race, age, gender or religion we are in. Therefore, not only the environmentalists are responsible for sustaining the environment, but to protect the environment for sustainable living is also everyone’s duty. In this regard, knowledge of ICT, language, science and mathematics is essential as it empowers people to systematically use the knowledge more effectively to solve problems. In addition, there is however a need to educate the young to acquire as well as to apply the knowledge and skills embodied in science and mathematics, at the same time take the advantages of the knowledge of technologies and engineering that would enable them to create innovative and creative ideas.


In local scale, such as in Sinabung area; Formasi (Forum Masyarakat Sinabung), under the chief of Dr. Ir. Alexander Barus, Ph.D, also concerns about the limitation and difficulties of Secondary High School graduate students from Sinabung area in entering the favourite universities, especially in Jawa, such as Universitas Indonesia (UI), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), or Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata (Akabri). Therefore, Formasi should collaborate with SEAMOLEC and Surya Institute in enhancing the competencies of Secondary High School Mathematics, Physics English Teachers and Elementary School Teachers. Finally SEAMOLEC collaborates with SEAMOLEC Group, such as SEAMEO QITEP – Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Mathematics, Science and Language from Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics assign Fadjar Shadiq, M.App.Sc (The Deputy Director for Administration of SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, attending and participating during the course conducted by Formasi.


Berikut ini adalah laporan pada Diklat dimaksud.

2016 1 Report on Formasi Course

Berikut ini adalah Power Point pada Diklat dimaksud.

2016 1 HMKI Formasi Masalah Materi

2016 2 HMKI Formasi Pedagogi Pem Mat

2016 3 HMKI Praktek Pem Mat

IMG-20160729-WA0011 (1)

Berikut ini adalah Power Point yang berkait dengan materi pada Diklat dimaksud.


1 GeoDatarRuangSMK

2 logika 2

2 logika1

3 KombiPeluang

4 ProgLinear

5 Statistika

6 IrisanKerucut

7 BahanAjarFungsiInvers

8 BahanAjarInversMatriks

9 Suku Ke-n suatu BA


Semoga laporan dan power point di atas akan berguna untuk para pengambil keputusan dan para guru matematika di lapangan.



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